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What's The Future Of The Tire Dealers?
- Jul 26, 2017 -

The future of the electricity industry will be what kind, the scope of the future is too big, that will be summed up in ten. 10 years is not long or short, but ten years can make life earth-shaking change, for a market industry is the same, standing 10 years without falling is a rare. In ten years, always do not forget beginner, stand in the forefront of the industry is less.

In the traditional tire marketing channel competition has already heated up, many tire manufacturers look at the electric business field. But the tyres are easy to look at and not so simple to do. Tire as a standard parts, the price is basically transparent. In addition, as a kind of non-fast consumer goods, the rate of repurchase is very low, less than 1-2 years, more than 3-5 years. In addition, the particularity of the tyre commodity is that consumers must go to the physical store to install the service after buying.

Tire Retail Transformation: In particular, offline retailers, estimated by 2023, with the tire dealer retail share in North America to reach 12%, offline tire retailers will be transformed to provide a seamless tire purchase experience, most of the tire retailers will reduce the storefront area, to become online stores and shops combined mode. Before buying a replacement tire, potential customers prefer to opt for a combination of online and offline stores. Online stores provide customers with tyre products and can select services on-line, which can reduce customer waiting time and improve customer satisfaction.

Tire Market Integration: The study found that not all tire retailers were able to maintain online sales and offline retail operations, relying on large distributors and retail chains, such as the kwik-fit in Europe and the discount tyre mall in the United States, which were able to operate at the same time with the tire showrooms and the electric business platform. While most tire retailers will invest in the electricity business, not all retailers have strong capital or expertise, while small independent tire shops and small tire distributors have to work with electric or retail chains professionals expect this also to change tyre technology, which could make it impossible for some smaller dealers to invest in the latest tire maintenance technology, and to keep smaller distributors and distributors in a position to work with larger distributors or retail chains.

Although the current tire electric business development is swift and violent, but behind the scenery surface, all electricity merchant must face a problem, that is "makes money difficult". In recent years, the operating costs of electricity companies have gone up, and even the costs have completely exceeded the offline physical stores. Previously in the capital of the small well-known tire vertical electric quotient platform "wheat tires", in the war smoke quietly launched the tire electric business stage.