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Vulcanizing machine Daily How moistureproof waterproof
- Jul 26, 2017 -

Vulcanizing machine is for the conveyor belt joint tool, and is the same as other mechanical equipment, are to pay attention to daily maintenance, water for the curing machine will cause rust, so daily pay attention to the discharge of water vulcanization machine to extend the service life.
2, do not use the curing machine in the outdoors on rainy Day, prevent the electric control box and the heating board influent;
1, Curing machine storage environment should be kept dry, well-ventilated environment in use in order to avoid rust;
3, if the work environment is humid, much water, in the demolition of the vulcanization machine, should be on the ground with items, do not let the vulcanizer directly contact with water;
4, if in the use process, because of improper operation caused by heating plate water, should first contact the manufacturer for maintenance. If need to carry out emergency repair, the heating plate can be opened on the cover plate, the water poured out first, and then the electronic control box set to manual operation, heating to 100 ℃, keep the thermostat for half an hour, the line drying, in the manual state of belt bonding. At the same time should contact the manufacturer in a timely manner, the overall replacement of the line.
6, after each use, the water pressure plate should be clean, especially in winter, if water can not be put clean, often lead to premature aging of the hydraulic plate rubber, water pressure plate service life is reduced;
7, the correct way of water is, after curing heat preservation, vulcanizing machine before demolition. If the water is discharged after the removal of the machine, it is possible that it will not be able to discharge completely.