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Solve the temperature control problem of the open-refining machine
- Jul 24, 2017 -

1, open the machine surround electric heating: Single heating wire power can do 2.1KW. Its effect at both ends of the temperature difference of more than 10 degrees, more dozens of degrees. The main heating wire can not be closely matched or no contact with the inner wall, the formation of a hollow dry smelting. Using this method, the main performance is the heating wire after a period of dry burn deformation, difficult to replace, temperature inequality phenomenon. However, because of heating wire power is relatively large, structure is relatively strong, not easy to burn.
2. Single-head rod electric heating tube of the Open refining machine: single heating wire single head rod The most in diameter is 19.8 power Normal is 1.7KW. This way the temperature is more uniform, precision can be achieved ±2℃. The disadvantage is that the heating speed is slow, the power is small, such as increasing the power, can cause the heating tube to burn easily, and increase the replacement time and frequency.
3, the use of special heating molds, with three sections of heating tube, power can do 3.6KW, such as do 2.7KW, so that the heating wire under pressure greatly reduced. Because of the special mold through the deep drilling, so that the hole and heat tight coordination. Can ensure that the heat pipe life longer, and the drum surface temperature accuracy ±2℃ or higher
4, the opening of the oil heat cycle heating method: The use of high-temperature oil heating, through high-temperature oil pump circulating high temperature oils, so that high-temperature oil in the drilling of the cylinder in the hole cycle, to reach the two ends of the drum temperature equilibrium. Can greatly reduce the temperature of both ends of the error, improve the precision of the product, thus winning the market competitiveness.