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Precautions for maintenance of the Open refining machine
- Jul 24, 2017 -

Open refining machine is the use of rubber and plastic equipment, one of the earliest machinery, mainly for rubber or plastic plastics and mixing, is the product will have a bad time, is the mechanical need to repair, open refining machine is no exception, Li take machinery main open refining machine, mixer, granulation production line, is the industry above well-known open refining machine manufacturers, mixer manufacturers and granulation machine manufacturers, Lee take machinery for the maintenance of the machine has a unique view, hereby made this program, hope to help the vast number of new and old customers. Picture keywords 1, the removal of transmission gears, attention to a group of gears corresponding meshing teeth to be labeled, the Assembly also according to the original meshing gear position installed to avoid the open mixer gear meshing drive noise increase.
2, the open refining machine roller face grinding, to be able to meet the work requirements, as far as possible not to reduce the size of the face too much, to avoid the roller end of the gear drive to produce meshing interference phenomenon. 3, a pair of meshing straight gears, if the meshing tooth surface wear more serious, can this pair of open refining machine gears all flip 180° after assembling, so that this pair of gears of another involute tooth surface meshing transmission, this can reduce the gear meshing transmission noise. 4, the maintenance of the motor of the Open refining machine, the motor is a core of the open refining machine, is used to drive the roller rotating goods, general motor maintenance is more difficult, here Li-kai machine manufacturers made 7 points about the motor failure of the open refining machine observation and Treatment: (1) Observation method. Most of the breakpoints occur at the end of the winding to see if there are any bumps or welds.
(2) Multimeter method. Using a resistor file, the "Y"-type connection is connected to the center point of the "Y" form, the other one is connected to the first end of the three-phase winding, and the infinity is a breakpoint, and after the short opening connection of the type method, each group of windings is measured separately, and the infinity is the circuit-breaker.
(3) Test lamp method. Methods of the previous, such as the first phase of the circuit.
(4) trillion-Euclidean table method. A phase of the resistance tends to infinity (that is, not zero) as a circuit breaker.
(5) Ammeter method. When the motor is running, the three-phase current is measured with an ammeter, and if the three-phase current is unbalanced and there is no short circuit, a short circuit breaker with a smaller current is partially shorted.
(6) Bridge method. When a certain phase resistance of the motor is larger than other two-phase resistors, it is indicated that the phase winding has partial circuit fault.
(7) Current Balance method. For the "Y"-type connection, the three-phase windings can be connected in parallel to the low voltage and high current AC, if the current difference in the three-phase winding is greater than 10%, the one end of the current is a circuit breaker; for "" type connection method, the stator windings of a contact, and then to the low voltage large current, where the current of a small phase of the circuit.
(8) Inspection method of fault cage detector. If the rotor breaks the cage during inspection, the reading of the MV meter should be reduced.