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Let's talk about the maintenance principle of tire curing machine
- Jul 26, 2017 -

The weaknesses inherent in all these mechanical vulcanizing machines have been completely solved in hydraulic presses.
1 overall Structure |
(l) The body is a fixed frame with compact structure, good rigidity and convenient installation and transportation.
(2) The upper die part of the opening and closing mode is only vertical and downward motion, and the rolling of the front and left rollers on the guideway. The roller has an eccentric sleeve, which can be adjusted accurately. There is basically no gap between the wheel and the guideway, but keep high accuracy and repeatability in the middle.
(3) Although the hydraulic vulcanizing machine is also a dual-mode cavity, but from the force point of view, just two single mode vulcanizing machine linked together. The clamping force is obtained by the force of the hydraulic cylinder added to the center of the mould and the symmetrical elastic elongation of the two side frame, and the force of the circumference of the die is even 5. In the whole operation process, the position axis of the sulphur chemical can always keep the theory perpendicular, without angular movement.
(4) As the clamping force depends on the oil pressure of the clamping cylinder, it can maintain the constant clamping force without the influence of ambient temperature or working temperature.
(5) The movement part moves the surface or the rolling surface without the normal load, the wear is very small, can maintain the long time operation precision.
(6) Because of the improvement of the mechanical structure and insulation layer design, radiation heat loss than mechanical vulcanizing machine to reduce 30~50%.
(7) Due to the simplification of opening and closing mode, the closing mode time is shortened by about 30% and the productivity of the machine is improved.
(8) Because there is no upside down movement, it is advantageous to keep the precision of the mould and prolong its service life.
(9) Due to the cancellation of all worm gear reducer, size gears, crank gears and Dalian rod and other moving parts and easy to wear parts, maintenance and maintenance work volume reduced.
(10) because the weight of the whole machine is reduced, and the axis of center of gravity of the machine is not offset, the basic processing of the machine can be greatly simplified.
(11) The machine's motion accuracy is increased, can achieve:
Upper and lower heat plate concentric degree ≤0 3mmTIR
Upper and lower heat plate parallelism ≤0.3mm/m
The concentricity of the ≤0 for the lower heat plate. 3mmTIR
The parallelism of the ≤0 for the lower heat plate. Concentricity of 5mm/m ≤1mmtir
≤1mmtir of the concentric degree of the discharge device to the rear inflatable ringa