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Introduction of cleaning requirements for rubber filters
- Jul 26, 2017 -

Introduction of cleaning requirements for rubber filters
The use of rubber, in our lives is very frequent, and for many of our rubber products, and provide a very powerful function, but also for our bodies is harmless. And with the development of the industry, the production process of rubber is also more and more mature, but also has a rubber filter equipment, so that the design and production of rubber more professional and standardized, but in the use of rubber filter, it is necessary to clean, the next little series for everyone to explain how to properly clean rubber filter.

1. Professionals in the cleaning filter, the impurities in the cartridge completely clean, leaving a small amount of impurities, in order to prevent inadvertent operation, specially designed to have a circulation loop to provide convenient operation.
2. General Electroplating Liquid Filtration, because the electroplating liquid contains trace organic matter, easy to pollute liquid, the habit must use powdered activated carbon powder will water in the organic absorption, and keep water clean.
Finally, for the belt filter There is also an operation instructions: the filter at the exit of the plastic, and the first to open the exhaust valve; and then the power switch starts to operate, allowing the gas and liquid to be discharged into the slot.
For the cleaning of rubber filter related requirements on the introduction to this, I believe that we have a very deep understanding of this. Rubber as a class of products, in the structure and material is also more complex, do not carry out the correct cleaning equipment, will bring greater loss.