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​Daily use maintenance of rubber filter
- Jul 26, 2017 -

Daily use maintenance of rubber filter
Rubber presumably everyone is not unfamiliar, we live in a lot of supplies, are rubber as raw materials, processing, to meet the needs of many aspects of our daily life. But the rubber as a kind of polymerization material, in the processing also needs to use the specialized equipment, can realize the processing. The rubber filter is one kind of equipment which needs to be used, next we together to the rubber filter maintenance knowledge related understanding.
1, including daily maintenance content.
2, check the pipeline, flushing water, such as the valve switch is flexible.
3, the disintegration of all shaft rollers, cleaning, inspection or replacement of bearings, oil seals.
4. Check and measure the cylindrical degree and parallelism of each axle roll, and repair the axle rollers with larger deviation.
5, the disintegration of the reducer, inspection of the situation, cleaning, inspection or replacement of friction wheel vice, inspection gear tooth surface and contact conditions, measuring the backlash. Check the turbine contact surface and measurement side clearance.
The demand for rubber in the market is very large, so the use of rubber filter is very frequent, if the pressure caused by long time operation, it will make the rubber filter memory problems. Therefore, using the maintenance knowledge mentioned above can greatly reduce the possibility of problems in the rubber filter.

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