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Application range and characteristics of various vulcanizing machines
- Jul 26, 2017 -

The scope of application is: All kinds of fabric core, steel wire rope conveyor belt covered with canvas, covering glue and wire rope, canvas separation;
1. before use, should be to check the insulation resistance of hot plate, if too low, should first power drying, until the insulation value reached 50MPa below, can be used;
2. in the use of moving the process should be handled lightly, civilized operation;
3. if in the field should be reliable rain prevention, waterproof means, lest it is affected by rain and damp.
4. when the use of its director completed, should be placed in the air circulation, relative humidity is not greater than 85%, is not affected by the rain in the warehouse, under the sleeper mat, is strictly prohibited to be placed directly on the ground.
5. Install screw and tighten.
6. Connecting power and electric control box with one wire, with two conductors respectively connected on the heating and electric control box, the next heating plate and electric control box, with temperature measuring elements are connected to the heating plate and electric control box, the next heating plate and electric control box, connecting line should pay attention to the electronic control box on the sign.
7. the high-pressure hose connected with the hydraulic pressure plate and the test pump, and then open the electric control box, and water pressure plate into the pressure to the vulcanization.