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Motorcycle Tire Vulcanizing Machine

Motorcycle Tire Vulcanizing Machine

Application for producing motorcycle tires and agricultural tires.

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application for producing motorcycle tires and agricultural tires


PLC control system with color touch screen.Easy to set,save and apply curing parameters.

Dual hydraulic system provide precision to achieve optimal tire concentricity

Nitrogen vulcanizing air bladder perfect for high quality tubeless tires

Floor erection,convenient for production and maintenance.

Post cure inflator and tire unloader(Optional)

CNC machined frame and component.Highly customizable.

Technical Specification of Column type air bladder curing press:


Overall dimensions

length 2280* width 900* height*3800(a group include two   machines)


The weight of whole machine


about8.5t(not include pumping stations and electrical   appliances)(a group include two machines)

A  pumping station   supply the number of machine

12 sets(Six groups)


Specification form


Multilevel curing press


The layer number





Distance of the hot plate



Distance of the hot plate


Hot plate size

Outer diameter900mm,The   inner diameter295mm,The thickness of the510mm

Oil cylinder

Strengthen oil cylinder

The stretch speed of single cylinder  6mm/s

Single cylinder retracted speed

piston type

300x50    4 pieces

Flow 25L/min

Flow 20L/min

Lifting oil   cylinder

Stretching speed 110mm/s

Retracting speed110mm/s

63/45x1420 4 pieces

Flow 21L/min

flow 15L/min


The center cylinder



Straight cylinder 40mm


Air pressure






Setting steam pressure


No greater than0.3Mpa


Low pressure steam pressure




High pressure steam pressure





Hot plate steam pressure

Low pressure steam pressure




The pump motor power rate





High-pressure plunger pump displacement







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